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I didn’t really choose Chinese Medicine; it chose me. My job was to say ‘yes’ and not sabotage it. What I didn’t know was that Chinese Medicine was going to weave it’s way into the fiber of my being. It has changed me from the inside out.

It was through investigating my own health challenges that I was forced to clarify what I believed about medicine, the body, pharmaceuticals, health and wellness. At each turn, I was able to delve deeper into the world of “alternative” medicine to help  find the answers and solutions that resonated with my own core beliefs. Eventually I started to see an acupuncturist and had terrific results.

I don’t consider Traditional Chinese Medicine to be ‘alternative medicine’ any longer. Certainly it is an alternative to the western approach and drug companies. Chinese Medicine has a history over 2,500 years and it is still as relevant as it ever has been. Seeing the body, mind and spirit as an integral whole allows us to treat the whole person and seeming unrelated systems. This integration has been pivotal in my own enhanced wellness and freedom from pain.

Having received my Masters Degree in Oriental Medicine* from The American Academy of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine, I am excited to share this ancient wisdom with twenty-first century Americans.


*The Masters of Oriental Medicine is a four year program requiring 3180 hours, including 1740 hours of didactic instruction on acupuncture and Oriental medicine, 540 hours of bioscience-related material, and 900 hours of clinical observation and experience.