Chronic stress has become a way of life. It is so woven into our experience that we often fail to notice it. Current research shows that job stress is the number one stressor for most Americans but our lives are full of stressors big and small. Traffic, family, the economy and other world events all contribute to what we call “stress”.

Today’s experiences of stressors tend to be more psychological than physical. When our ancestors experienced a physical threat, the body reacted to be able to remove them from that environment as quickly as possible. The psychological aspect means stress is based on our thinking and interpretation of the events around us. While our bodies react in the same way whether the threat is actual or perceived, perception is harder to change.

The list of modern diseases linked to stress and increased inflammation is exhaustive and includes the common cold, autoimmune diseases, stroke and heart disease, cancer and even Parkinson’s disease.

Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine has the unique ability to balance both the physical and emotional responses to the stressors in our lives. Many patients report a greater sense of well being and ability to handle the events in their lives.