A Balanced Approach

At Blue Branches Acupuncture, part of the treatment always includes pulse balancing. Optimal health is reflected as a sine wave through three pulse positions in each arm. Using the pulse as a guide, points are chosen to help your body naturally align itself and restore itself to health.

– Amy Horne, TCM practitioner, founder, Blue Branches Acupuncture, LLC

So many of us are struggling to figure out how to live a more balanced life or even how to define balance.  We get busier and busier; our lives full of many blessings, deadlines, demands and commitments.

We can all use some help in achieving balance – in life and in health. Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine have two powerful tools to help guide our bodies back into balance. Those tools are: pattern based diagnosis and pulse balancing.

Diagnosis in Traditional Chinese Medicine is based on patterns. This diagnostic tool takes into account your whole body and connects seemingly unrelated signs and symptoms, making it truly holistic health care. They do this by seeing the whole you – the physical, emotion and even spiritual components – and gently guiding the body back into balance. When balance is achieved, healing, resilience and body-mind integration can occur.

Regaining our balance is a process. For some of us, balance can be restored quickly and for others of us it can take much longer. Each of our healing journeys is beautiful and unfolds in its own time.

Honor the journey.